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3 Common Ways Adults Get Head Lice

As adults it always seems to be a shock when we or someone of our age has head lice. We think of lice as the nasty critters that plagued our childhood classrooms not our adulthood. Unfortunately, head lice don’t see age and can affect adults just as much as children. Adults do have a few […]

Dandruff vs. Head Lice

Having an itchy head is never a great feeling but thinking it’s head lice can make it even worse. Often unless dandruff has been a past problem lice is one of the first concerns on our mind when our scalps begin to itch. Thinking you have head lice when it’s really just dandruff can cause […]

Post Lice Treatment Itching

Let’s be real; there is nothing fun about having a case of lice. Similarly, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of relief once your lice treatment is over. But if your head still itches after lice treatment, this could send you right back into the panic and stress you just rid yourself of. Did your […]

What do Head Lice Love?

February 14 is a celebrated day of love, Valentine’s Day! We proclaim our love, give gifts, and spend the day immersed in its joy. We find all the little things we love and surround ourselves with them, whether it be a loved one or chocolate. In the same way head lice like to surround themselves […]

New Year, New Head Lice

It’s a New Year, a new decade, and a chance to start a new. Every year we get this awesome chance to reset ourselves and revamp ourselves into something different. Unfortunately, head lice have been doing the same over the past decade. They have been revamping themselves and breeding a new strain of head lice […]

Holidays and Head Lice

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year, the joy in the air and festive gatherings bring people together. It’s the perfect time to gather friends and families from far and near. In the midst of catching up and filling plates though, it is best to remember head lice can be lurking about. Nearly all […]

Tips for Choosing a Head Lice Professional

There once was a time when do it yourself lice treatments were worth all the hassle and could really save the day. Our world has advanced though, and along with it so have the head lice and ways of ridding them. The influx of super lice across the world has made DIY options nearly obsolete. […]